Travelling to escape surveillance

To make some quick money, get jobs for their relatives, friends, officials are very good at creating an atmosphere of fear, terrorizing harmless citizens for personal gain. To evade harassment, surveillance of these officials, many of their victims are forced to change their normal travel habits.

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Voice to skull technology forced change in mode of travel

Indian intelligence agencies are ruthlessly misusing voice to skull technology to terrorize harmless domain investors, paypal account holders, to create an atmosphere of fear, so that they do everything they can to evade tracking, unwittingly creating allowing the officials to exploit them further, steal their savings. The officials pretend that the person is being tracked and will be implicated in a major case, if he or she will book a ticket well in advance.
So the person will travel by bus or train, avoid online booking. This will continue for 5 years, only when the victim will realize that these officials do not have any proof did the person being tortured revert to air travel . Till then these officials caused great damage, financial losses

Fake travel stories to defame, blackmail small business owners

In a book, a famous lawyer noted that in India criminal cases are ofte n due to business rivalry and some of the largest companies in India have no qualms bribing people to file fake case cases against innocent business owners who these extortionists have never interacted with, to acquire talent and technology cheaply. The blackmailers and extortionists bribed by the large corporates will falsely claim that they met the business owner while travelling, when the business owner had never travelled to the location during the period . In some cases, the business owner will never get an opportunity to defend himself or herself against these blackmailers and extortionists.

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elude undesired expenses while traveling

While many salaried people have plenty of money to spend while travelling, due to persecution and human rights abuses, small online business owners, domain investor and Paypal account holders in India have an extremely limited budget. So they have to reduce their travel budget accordingly and cut down on expenses. One of the biggest expenses while travelling can be food, especially at the airport or on budget airline carriers, where the prices are often far higher compared to offline retail stores.
While donuts will cost Rs 13 , fruit bread Rs 15 at a retail store, sandwiches and other food items can be very expensive costing Rs 200 – Rs 300 for 4 or 5 slices of bread. So to reduce food expenses while travelling by air, it is advisable to eat at home before or keep some low cost items stocked. For train travel, the food available is more affordably priced.

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Many tourists prefer to rent villas

While a hotel room can be economical for a single traveller, a family or a group of friends will often find it more economical to rent a villa or apartment as they are not charged per room or bed, and it depends on how they can make sleeping arrangements. If some people have sleeping bags or foldable mattresses, more people can sleep on the floor and it can be very cost effective.

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Fake travel stories to defame, exploit link sellers, domain investors

In one of the greatest frauds of indian intelligence agencies, senior intelligence officials allegedly by google, tata made up completely fake travel, cheating stories about a harmless innocent domain investor, so that they could defame, cheat, exploit and torture her for the rest of her life. Like all section 420 frauds, these intelligence agency, tata officials do not have the courage or honesty to face the domain investor who they are viciously defaming without any proof at all, in an indication of the complete lack of ethics.
After 6 years these chronic liar tata, google officials are animal like robotic shameless frauds and continue to bribe officials to spread these false stories

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