Culture of Turkey

Unlike Turkey,in India casteism remains rampant, and the mainly upper class intelligence agencies are allowed to get away with their irrational unscientific behavior because of the caste system. This adversely affects the progress of the country, and a large section of indian people remain poor. On the other hand, in Turkey religion is a personal choice and the country has progressed.

Social media accounts tracked by Tax officials for holidays

Usually people who have lot of money only can afford to go on a holiday, as travel, food and lodging in another city or town away from home can be expensive. So increasingly tax officials who are trying to detect tax evasion are checking the social media accounts of people like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to find out if they have gone on any holidays. For example R&AW employee siddhi’s holidays news can be tracked from social media.

Airport Transportation

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Booking tickets for a holiday

For most small business owners and professionals , booking tickets on a holiday can be a time consuming as they have to check the offers from different airlines and tour operators . In some cases, the credit card will be rejected without a legally valid reason. Any company which provides accurate information will be appreciated.

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Fake cases against property owners force them to travel

People owning houses in posh areas are often subjected to fake cases as officials will try to force the owner to sell the property cheaply to make a good profit. So often the property owners are forced to travel to avoid being implicated in fake cases by powerful dishonest officials who are ruthless in abusing their powers for personal gain .

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Non consensual Memory reading forces people to travel

NTRO officials are notorious for misusing memory reading equipment on brilliant professionals without their permission, when they want to steal the persons resume, for their lazy greedy fraud SEX BRIBE GIVING, CHEATER, housewife girlfriends and relatives. The person whose memory has been stolen will realize it only while shopping and becoming a victim of organized stalking. There is no way to escape these shameless fraud ntro officials, who use aerial surveillance to track their victim, except by travelling .
Most officials can operate the equipment in a limited area, and when their victim leaves the area, they are not effective.

Impersonation frauds in the indian tech sector

In the indian internet sector impersonation frauds are rampant, with fraud ntro and other officials falsely claiming that their lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives are doing work online to get government jobs for these frauds . Except for photos taken, all the other work these lazy greedy fraud government employees will falsely claim is being done by their fraud relatives and friends, who are actually not doing any work online at all.