Travel alone for women remains risky

Though the media claims that the status of women has improved, living and travel alone for women remains risky. Some of the largest internet companies in India are showing their complete lack of ethics, when they encourage people to file false cases against a single woman just because she was living alone. These frauds making fake allegations falsely claimed that they met the woman while travelling, when actually she was at home and could easily prove the lies.

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Trekking gear

Trekkers need to carry along with them lot of equipments and gears as they need to be well prepared for overcoming all sorts of challenges. Survival kits, compasses, clothes, gears for camping, medicines, shoes and dry food packets are items that every trekker will have in his backpack. Waterproof shoes are advisable for hiking. Special emphasis is paid to shoes to see that they are well fitted and does not produce blisters in the long run. Then there are other items like rain jackets, warm jerseys, sleeping bags, lightweight gloves, sun hat, scarf, sunglasses, innerwear, woolen socks or cotton inner socks, hiking shorts, long pants and thermal wear if needed. The list is endless.  As treks are done throughout the day and night, its necessary to get along with you torches, headlamps, toiletries , water bottles, plastic bags for keeping dry items and the most important item which is first aid kit.

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Travel for single women

Though educated men in India like to boast that they are modern, they are actually extremely regressive with regards to their attitude towards educated women, making extremely defamatory and malicious allegations without any proof at all, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money. So single middle aged women have to be very careful, especially while travelling, as these men are looking for a chance to frame them.

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About trekking

Trekking is walking and applies to journeys made on foot. These journeys are mostly done in places where no other means of transport are available. It may involve walking for a number of days on foot. During trekking, there are always possibilities of having either designated, well laid out routes and then there is another chance of encountering un-charted and un-designated paths also. It could be snowy mountains with trails prepared on them or it could be valleys with no definite paths. You need to be prepared to face all kinds of unforeseen challenges while you are going on a trek or a hike, usually done on mountainous terrains or hills. Trekking can continue for weeks together and it depends on the paths traversed, the complexities of the routes and the final trekkers’ goals.