Nourish Mind, Body and Spirit in Rejuvenating Krabi!

Krabi is a beautiful province in southern Thailand and an area of colourful contrast featuring pristine beaches, tropical islands, dramatic limestone cliffs, dense jungle and a flourishing marine environment. An incredibly popular holiday resort, Krabi is renowned for its superb range of sporting activities including scuba diving and rock climbing, a mouth watering local cuisine, a rich culture and a genuinely warm hospitality.

It is also a destination of choice for Thais recovering from recent surgery or medical treatment in Bangkok. And there are a growing number of ‘medical tourists’ – foreigners from countries where the cost of health care is prohibitively high – who take advantage of Bangkok’s world class hospitals and state-of-the art medical facilities, before recuperating with a rejuvenating holiday in glorious Ao Nang beach Krabi. The smog, humidity and frenetic pace of life in Bangkok is not exactly conducive to a speedy recovery, but the perfect climate and laid back lifestyle of Krabi certainly is! A mere two hours from Bangkok by plane, Krabi boasts an abundance of superior hotels and holiday Krabi resorts that offer exceptional customer care, an impressive standard of accommodation and superb health and fitness amenities, just perfect for aiding physical rehabilitation. A delicious Krabi diet of fresh seafood and exotic fruits and a healthy dose of bright sunshine tempered by an invigorating sea breeze, is just what the doctor ordered!

For similar reasons, Krabi has become a highly fashionable spa resort, attracting wellness travellers who value nourishment for the mind, body and the spirit above all else. Spa and wellness holidays are no longer solely the preserve of the rich and famous and savvy tourists are already enjoying the benefits that the Krabi yoga retreats and massage centres have to offer. Many Thai hotels and resorts now specialise in luxurious spa treatments, Thai massage, scrubs, wraps, yoga and other alternative and natural therapies, conducted by highly skilled therapists with a strong tradition in herbal medicine. Guests can be pampered from head to toe in five star resorts nestled in secluded bays, or can enrol in intensive yoga classes in peaceful sanctuaries that offer both awe inspiring views and spiritual enlightenment. These graceful retreats serve health conscious and nutritionally balanced menus to compliment a chosen regime and are thoughtfully designed to blend into the natural landscape, offering eco friendly accommodation that is in total harmony with the environment.

Large hotels and resorts are not to everyone’s taste however, and visitors can rent a private villa in Krabi without foregoing the salutary aspect. Fully serviced Krabi villas provide the exquisite indulgence of personal Thai massages and other health and beauty treatments conducted in the privacy of a stylish and secluded Thai home. If finances won’t stretch to a sumptuous villa or plush hotel, it’s still possible to unwind and relax in the excellent stand-alone spas found in the charming provincial capital of Krabi Town and the vibrant tourist resort of Ao Nang.

In fact whatever your budget, you can rest assured that there is a suitable spa/wellness solution for you in Krabi and that you will leave this uplifting Thai province fully recharged, both physically and mentally.


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