Cunning classmates blackmail obc engineer everytime she travels

In the never ending series of atrocities on the obc engineer, her cunning jealous engineering college classmates have devised a very cheap way of blackmailing the obc engineer everytime she will travel, These classmates who allegedly work in intelligence and security agencies have put her under surveillance and stolen her retirement savings so that they can use the money as they wish to blackmail her.,

These cunning fraud classmates will ask every person who travels in the same train, bus or plane to make false accusations against the harmless innocent obc engineer and then reward the person making the false accusations with the hard earned money which they have stolen from her. In an indication of the second class status of women and obc engineers, the obc engineer has not been given a chance to defend herself, while the person making false accusations has been considered a saint speaking the truth. The obc single woman engineer will rarely speak to a stranger while travelling due to safety considerations and very few people in india know about domain names, yet all the false accusations will be considered the truth.

Till 5 years ago, these jealous powerful classmates did not know where the single woman obc engineer was staying and she faced no false allegations. Now that her cunning powerful fraud classmates have started rewarding people for making false allegations, the harmless obc engineer finds that she is being blackmailed, especially when travelling and has no way to end the fraud of her powerful classmates who have stolen her savings. Why should she quietly suffer and accept her guilt because greedy fraud people are making false accusations

Does anyone have any suggestions to end the blackmail of an innocent single woman obc engineer by extremely powerful dishonest cunning officials which has made it extremely difficult to travel.