Fake travel stories used to frame innocent obc engineer and domain investor

The powerful fraud officials in the indian internet sector can stoop to the lowest level to frame a single woman obc domain investor and exporter who they hate, extort and waste her hard earned money. They will invent the most outrageous travel stories to defame an innocent harmless woman. Blackmailers and extortionist all over india will falsely claim that they met the obc engineer and domain investor while travelling in a bus and they paid her for some domain names.

In reality due to personal problems, the obc engineer has almost never travelled by bus ever since she started investing her hard earned money in domain names. However the powerful fraud mainly brahmin officials are always encouraging people to defame the innocent obc engineer to justify their atrocities on a harmless innocent obc woman, cheating and theft of resume. Now it has become difficult to stay alone, as these shameless powerful officials are inventing false stories defaming an innocent woman

So these cunning officials do not give the obc engineer a chance to defend herself reward all the liars and cheaters who make the false accusations with the hard earned money of the obc engineer which they have stolen. Naturally when people are rewarded for making false allegations without proof, more frauds will make up similar stories, Thus the cunning fraud officials in the indian internet sector have not only defamed and ruined the reputation of an innocent obc engineer who they hate, they have also wasted her hard earned money to reward people defaming her without giving the innocent woman a chance to defend herself

Travelling to escape harassment

One of the reasons why india has few science nobel prize winners or world class companies is that infinite tax payer money will be wasted to harass anyone honest, hardworking and brilliant , especially if the person is not a brahmin and not well connected. However the officials harassing the brilliant person control a limited area, and travelling can be the best way to escape harassment of these officials who cannot be held accountable using RTI or other methods.
Though train travel is time consuming, it can be one of the best methods to escape harassment cheaply and effectively in India as the train route will pass through rural and forest areas, where no officials are present to harass the harmless innocent civilian using the most sophisticated equipment in the country

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