Was goan gsb fraud siddhi supposed to travel to australia

It appears that the powerful fraud officials involved in the impersonation fraud on the obc engineer were confident that by december 2015, their great fraud would be complete and they could dupe companies all over the world that the goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar was a major domain investor and Paypal account holder, stealing the resume, investment of the obc engineer she commited corporate espionage on. It appears that they had promised siddhi and their associates in australia that siddhi would be making the trip.

However the elaborate framing plan on the obc engineer was not successful till date, and slowly domain investors worldwide are realizing that the well connected goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar, allegedly working in R&AW does not own any domain names or Paypal account as she does not want to invest any money in domain names. So the R&AW officials decided not to send the fraud siddhi to australia as it would be embarassing for them if the domain fraud was revealed.

Instead they allegedly decided to send one of the R&AW/NTRO/CBI employees who had planned and implemented most of the impersonation fraud on the obc engineer, to get the mediocre inexperienced goan gsb fraud siddhi great powers (appears to be a lover). The greedy goan gsb fraud siddhi appears to be disappointed and is eagerly looking forward to the “gift” which her “friend” will get her from australia