Craze for selfies leads to Murud beach tragedy

To some extent, the mainstream media has created a lot of hype for selfies, and young people are often vain, reckless and arrogant will often go to any extent to get a good selfie photo. However the result can be tragic, as the recent drowning accident which resulted in the death of 14 students from Pune at Murud in Maharashtra indicated.
Allegedly the students who were on a college picnic ignored the warnings of the locals to avoid going close to the beach which is known for killer waves, and 4 students were initially drowning. To rescue them, 10 other students formed a human chain and they too lost their lives. It is a real tragedy for the family of the students who died at Murud beach, as many of the students were the only child of the family and their parents had spent a lot of money and effort to get them educated.
It is hoped that in future colleges and peer pressure will not force young people who like to be seen as adventurous to take unnecessary risks, which will put their life in danger