Threatened domain buyer forced to travel

The shameless fraud intelligence and security agencies want India’s largest female domain investor to pay all the domain renewal bills, so that they can falsely claim that their lazy greedy mediocre sex partners, fraud housewife, cheater friends and relatives with jobs in cbi,raw, intelligence agencies own the domain names to get a government salary for doing nothing at all.
If the female domain investor will sell the .in domain names to a male domain investor the shameless section 420 cheater intelligence, security, tata, google officials will not be able to falsely claim that their lazy greedy goan sex partners,siddhi mandrekar, goan obc bhandari fraud slim sunaina who has sex with top officials, cheater brahmin housewives and other frauds own the domain names.
So it appears that all indian domain buyers are being threatened if they try to purchase the domain names as these officials want to ensure that the goan and other frauds are getting a government salary for having sex with these officials or cheating. If all the domain names are sold then these officials will have to pay for sex, which sunaina, siddhi are providing for free, their fraud friends and relatives will stop getting a monthly salary.

In a recent auction, .in domain buyer said that he would pay after some time because he was travelling and would return early in May. Till May 7, 2016, he still appears to be travelling with no internet access due to harassment of government officials who want to cover up their sex,cheating fraud.